ICE Lipo N4 - Cryo Inch Loss Fat Freeze Machine

This advanced equipment allows four Cryo treatments to be done at the same time. Comes complete with 2 medium sized heads and extra heads can be purchased separately. The equipment can treat the following areas; 
Large and medium heads, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, love handles, male chest, inner thighs, outer thighs, arms, back fat, small heads, facial jowls and bra fat. 
Dimensions (mm) 460 x 480 x950. Net weight 44kg

Monthly payment options available *Subject to Status.

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Lynton Luminette Advance Laser Machine

A compact medical aesthetic system that gives clinical results. With the versatility of high power multi-functional intense pulsed light applications, Luminette advance offers a cost effective and flexible solution for start-up clinics. Luminette Advance is manufactured by Lynton in the UK under a QMS certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 1348. 
Weight - 30 KG. Mains Supply - 220-240 V, 10 A. Line Frequency - 50-60 Hz. Sold as seen.

Monthly payment options available *Subject to Status.

Ref: 00215716

3D Lipo Ultimate Machine

The five technologies in the 3D-Ultimate machine include: radiofrequency, duo cyrolipolysis, shockwave, high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and cavitation ultrasound. For the body, the radiofrequency technology is aimed at skin tightening, the duo cryolipolysis is targeted at superficial fat, the shockwave technology aims to reduce the appearance of cellulite, the HIFU is aimed at fat removal and the cavitation is targeted at overall circumference reduction.

The machine is painted in Metallic Silver and is in great used condition with very low usage. It comes with 12 Month Warranty and 2 training places. Sold as seen on collection.

Monthly payment options available *Subject to Status.

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Ultrasun i8 Power Tower Sunbed

The Ultrasun i8 is the world’s best-selling stand-up. This innovative design offers space and comfort for freedom of movement, body toning and a perfect all over tan. Designed to relax and re-energize with aromatherapy, water breezes and wellness sounds to enhance the i8 experience. The VibraPlate can be controlled effortlessly to set speed and intensity of vibration as you want. The i8 can also be optimized with its own lockable changing room.

Total lamps: 48 x sunfit XXL3 2w E-Tronic | 200cm
Maximum exposure time: 20 minutes
Power (+airco) : 8.400 Watt (9.400 Watt)

Three Phase Power Supply

  • Socket requirement: 06 Amps per phase TP&N - Female Commando Socket
  • Trip size: 16 Amps per phase C type


Single Phase Power Supply

  • Socket requirement: 63 Amps - Female Commando Socket
  • Trip size: 50 Amps C Type


Net weight (+airco): 265 Kg (325 Kg)

Sold as seen on collection.
Monthly payment options available *Subject to Status.


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