Being an independent funder and broker, we are uniquely positioned to provide the kind of understanding and flexibility that banks and larger finance houses simply can’t provide. We’re not  reliant on external credit decisions; we underwrite suppliers’ deals on a portfolio basis which means that, in return for your loyalty, we will consider new starts and grey area deals.

If you would like us to work with you to help you maximise the sales potential of your business please call us on 0161-628-7008 or contact us

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  • Credit proposals handled within an hour of receipt by our expert team
  • In-house underwriting and our own funds means decisions are made in as little as 4 hours in most cases
  • Documentation by E-Doc for fast deal completion
  • Invoice payment within 24 hours of delivery


  • Vendor programmes tailored to your market and customer base
  • In-house underwriters who understand your equipment and your market will assess each proposal on merit rather than using automated “credit scoring”


  • We have transacted over £100M of business and have over 7,000   customers
  • We offer in-house training to develop your sales team's skills at selling with finance effectively
  • We work with your business as a true sale partner with the shared objectives of increased sales and margins