The benefits to suppliers can be seen in the many profitable and growing partnerships we have developed.  An Admiral partnership delivers a Fast, Flexible and Expert Service.

If you would like us to work with you to help you maximise your businesses sales potential, please call us on 0161-628-7008 or contact us

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  • Quicker Sales - Breaking down the cash price of equipment into an attractive monthly cost makes it easier for a customer to commit to an order quickly.
  • Immediate Payout - Invoice payment is usually within 24 hours of delivering the equipment.


  • Flexible Decisions - Working in partnership with you and understanding your industry and equipment means that we can offer flexible underwriting and payment schemes to give you a competitive edge.
  • Comprehensive range of asset finance facilities - This Includes finance leases, loans, maintenance inclusive arrangements and personalised documentation.


  • Increased Margins - We provide training to your sales team, so that they learn to “lead” the sale with a monthly price and avoid the need to discount to “close” a sale.
  • Stimulate secondary business - Once your customer is comfortable with the concept of leasing, then it becomes easier to sell additional equipment or to upgrade.  We can help you achieve this.